This forum is about life with advanced form of cancer, also called stage 4 cancer. The site was launched in February 2011.

It is a meeting place for those who live with stage 4 cancer, their family members and friends, and whoever is interested. This is a place to share thoughts and experiences. It is also about dreams,  fears, and most importantly hope and joy while fighting the beast.

You can just read. However, you need to be registered to make comments and to add topics in the discussion forums. To become a member requires your e-mail address which won’t be visible to other members or visitors. In addition there is a special discussion forum for patients living with stage 4 cancer, called Warriors, for which you must apply separately.

My ambition is to continue to write about different aspects of life with stage4 cancer or related topics. Would you like to share YOUR story? Use the Forum or contact me.

Veronica, Responsible Publisher and stage4cancer patient diagnosed with synovial sarcoma in 2004